Bermuda & Zoysia Selection Guide

Zoysia Varieties

  1. EMPIRE Turf Zoysia
  2. Geo Zoysia
  3. Meyer Zoysia
  4. Zeon Zoysia

Zoysia (Zoysia Japonica) is the best choice for a partially shaded area due to it’s extreme shade tolerance. It’s a low-maintenance grass that thrives in warm humid conditions. In general, zoysias have excellent drought tolerance and exhibit disease and insect resistance at a lower-maintenance cost. Most commonly used in lawn application, zoysia is also an excellent choice on golf courses for fairways and teeing areas. This dense turf not only looks great, but feels great to bare feet!


  • Fine to Medium Texture, depending on brand variety
  • Very Shade Tolerant
  • Extremely Dense and Tight Growing Turf
  • Weed resistant due to density
  • Maintenance Friendly, low growth habit
  • Great for Erosion Control
  • Less Fertilization Requirements than that of Bermudagrasses
  • Great Tolerance of Full Sun & Southern Climate (Hot & Cold)
  • Goes dormant in Winter and can be installed in dormant state
  • Creeping growth pattern (creeps along ground as it grows & enables tight coverage)
  • Doesn’t like to be “over watered” and is more Drought Tolerant

 Bermudagrass Varieties

  1. Tifway 419 Bermuda
  2. TifEagle for Greens

Bermuda thrives in Southeastern Climate and full sun and performs poorly in shade.  It is a hearty grass that grows and repairs itself quickly and is the most durable and popular choice for residential lawns, golf courses and athletic fields. For optimal appearance, this grass requires ample water, frequent mowing and generous fertilization. It has a fine texture and good weed resistance.


  • Thrives in Full Sun, Southern Climate
  • Aggressive Grower & Establishes Quickly (with proper maintenance)
  • Recovers from stress, such as pest & disease, quickly
  • Fine Blade & Deep Green Color
  • High-Traffic Tolerant
  • Reel or Rotary mower of ___” height
  • Tolerates higher Salt levels in Soil & Water
  • Dormant in Winter months
  • Can be installed in dormant state
  • Creeping Growth Pattern (creeps along ground as it grows & enables tight coverage)

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