Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide

Installing sod is the most convenient and fastest method of establishing a pristine lawn. Sod is sold by the square foot, so it’s important to make sure you know exactly how much sod is needed to fully cover your lawn. Measure the length and width of the areas that will require sod in your project, to get total square feet needed. For irregular shaped areas, split the measurement into square or rectangles and add them together for the total. It is wise to add 5-10% to your project to compensate for cut-in waste and for irregular shaped areas. Use the calculator and formulas for additional assistance.

Square or rectangle

Formula: Area = L x W

Example: A= 90’ x 50’ = 4,500 sq. ft.

Circle or oval

Oval Formula: Area = 0.8 L x W

L= Length; W= Width at midpoint

Example: A= 0.8 x 60’ x 40’ = 1,920 square feet (within 5% accuracy)

Circle Formula: Area = piR2 pi= 3.14; R= Radius

Example: A= 3.14 x 30’ x 30’ = 2,826 sq. ft.


Triangle Formula = (B x H)/2

Example: Triangle’s base is 10 feet and the height(base to point) is 20 feet

A = 10 x 20 / 2 A = 100 square feet

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