Sod Watering Guide

Newly installed sod has very important watering needs. Proper watering immediately after installation will ensure that turf gets established, and will impact the health of the sod for years to come. Though ample water is important, over watering can lead to disease, so be sure not to go to extremes with watering.

Installation Watering

It’s important to water new turf immediately upon installation. Apply about 1 inch of water so that the soil beneath the turf is very wet, and dampness should be present below the surface for 3-4 inches. (Pick up a corner of the sod to determine the dampness of the soil beneath.)

For the next two weeks, keep the below-turf soil moist with daily watering. Moisture is critical to establishing your sod’s root system.

Maintenance Watering

Because temperatures and weather conditions vary, observe your turf to know when it’s appropriate to water. In general, healthy turf requires 1 inch of water per week in its growing season. When dormant, sod still needs water. Keep it moderately moist so it doesn’t dry out, but take care not to over water when dormant, as that can cause disease.

Watering Tips

  • Pull back a corner of the turn and push a screwdriver into the soil. It should easily penetrate to 3-4 inches. If it doesn’t, you should apply more water.
  • If you use a sprinkler to water, make sure you get all corners and edges of the turf. These are areas that are easily missed by sprinkler systems and more vulnerable to drying out.
  • Observe for runoff, and if it occurs, turn of the water for 30 minutes to an hour to allow water soak in. Then, re-start the watering process and repeat until the area has proper moisture levels.
  • Once the roots establish, don’t pull back a corner any longer, use the tool to penetrate from the top of the sod.
  • Water as early in the day as possible to minimize evaporation, and to take advantage of the sod’s natural growing cycle.
  • If temperatures are close to or exceed 100 degrees, lightly sprinkle the surface of the turf to reduce the temperature. This doesn’t replace the need for longer, deeper watering.
  • Infrequent, deeper watering is preferable to more frequent, shallow watering.

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